What Are the Most Commonly Used Words That End in "h"?


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Some of the most commonly used words that end in "h" include "sigh," "high" and "church." "Sigh," when it is a verb without an object, means to let out the breath from sadness, fatigue or relief in an audible manner.

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"Sigh" used without an object also means to long or pine for something. When "sigh" is a verb with an object, it means to speak or express with a sigh or use sighing as a sign of lament. When it is a noun, "sigh" is the sound or the act of sighing.

"High," used as an adjective, means, tall, lofty, or having a great reach or extent. It also means having a specified upward extent. It can describe something elevated above the ground or a base, or it can describe something that exceeds the usual measure or degree. It also sometimes describes something that is expensive or someone who has exalted rank or importance. As an adverb, "high" means luxuriously. As a nautical term, it means a ship in full sail that's making headway as close to the wind as it can.

A church is a building that serves as a place of worship. In Christian religions, the church is often in the shape of a cross. It can also be the clergy, doctrines and buildings of a particular Christian denomination.

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