What Are the Most Commonly Studied Majors at George Brown College?

What Are the Most Commonly Studied Majors at George Brown College?

According to George Brown College's performance report for 2014, the program with the highest number of enrolled students is culinary management. A total of 472 out of the 7,798 students enrolled in 2014 to pursue this major. The second-most commonly studied major at George Brown in 2014 was early childhood education with 382 majors. Other commonly chosen majors are practical nursing, social service work and special events planning.

Another common field of study at George Brown is business, with nearly 800 students enrolling in various majors such as marketing, accounting and finance in 2014.

Combined with majors such as culinary arts and culinary skills, the college's Chef School is the largest single department at George Brown College. While culinary management is the most commonly chosen field of study for students, it is also one of the majors with the lowest completion rates, at 58.9 percent. In total, 278 students graduated with this degree in 2014.

In comparison, early childhood education had a higher completion rate of 78.3 percent, yielding 299 graduates for 382 students enrolling in this degree as of 2014.

Full-time students make up the largest segment of the college's student body. The majority of full-time students at George Brown complete diploma or advanced diploma programs, with significantly fewer students pursuing certificate or degree-level programs.