What Are Some Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language?


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Some commonly misspelled words in English include "accommodation," "colleague" and "embarrass," which are often written as "accomodation," "collegue" and "embarass." In addition, the word "misspelled" is often incorrectly written as "mispelled."

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People often misspell words containing double letters. For example, "committee," "millennium" and "bizarre" are often misspelled as "commitee," "millenium" and "bizzare." Conversely, there are some words that sound as if they contain a double letter, but do not. Some examples are "pastime" and "harass," which are often spelled as "passtime" and "harrass."

Words ending in "-ance" are often misspelled as "-ence." A common mistake is writing "resistence" and "appearence" instead of "resistance" and "appearance." The opposite is also common for words such as "occurrence" and "intelligence," which writers often misspell as "occurrance" and "intelligance." Words ending in "-cede," "-sede," "-ceed" and "-seed" also pose some difficulty, and writers often confuse their spelling. For example, "exceed" is often misspelled as "excede," and "precede" is mistakenly written as "preceed." Similarly, "supersede" may be misspelled as "superseed" or "supercede."

Another frequently misspelled category of words is homophones. For example, "weather" and "whether" have the same pronunciation but different spelling. Other common homophones are "flour" and "flower," "pain" and "pane," and "draft" and "draught."

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