What Are Common Words on a Spelling Test for Third Graders?


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Students in the third grade are typically introduced to contractions, so words such as "hadn't," "won't" and "can't" are often included on third-grade spelling lists. "Toothpaste," "rainstorm" and "ladybug" are examples of compound words, which are another focus in third-grade spelling. Third-grade students also begin to learn homophones, such as "pear" and "pare," and to explore words with double consonants, such as "happy," "silly" and "chess."

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Words that begin with "kn" - such as "knee," "known" and "knife" - and words that begin with "wr" - such as "wrap," "wrist" and "wrinkle" - are good third-grade word choices. Students in third grade also work on words beginning with "qu," like "queen" and "quick." Third-graders are also ready to add some academic words to their spelling lists, such as "quotient," "sum" and "accurate".

Reading Rockets suggests another approach to designing third-grade spelling lists, which is to create a spelling list that includes 80 percent of the words that third graders most frequently use in their writing. The list should also highlight words that are often spelled incorrectly by third graders. Commonly misspelled words may include "aunt," "thought," "people" and "o'clock," while frequently used words may include "bones," "teeth," "pocket" and "window."

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