What Are Some Common Words in the English Language That Begin With X?


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Some common words in the English language that begin with X are Xerox, xylophone, xeriscape, X-ray and xenon. Xerox is a word that began as a brand but then became a verb, though the Xerox company does not condone this. In common parlance, to "xerox" something means to photocopy it, whether on a Xerox copying machine or not.

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A xylophone is a musical instrument. It is made up of a series of wooden bars that are struck by mallets. The xylophone is a very old instrument, and some historians believe it originated in Asia. From there, it migrated to the African continent, though again, historians are not sure when. The xylophone, which has various names, is now widespread throughout Africa. It is regularly used as an orchestral instrument in the Western world.

To xeriscape is to grow a garden or a landscape with very little or no water. Xenon is considered a noble gas, even though it does combine with other elements to form compounds.

X-rays are a kind of electromagnetic radiation, which includes visible light, infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. X-rays are classified as soft or hard. Soft X-rays have high frequencies and short wavelengths, while hard X-rays are nearly indistinguishable from gamma rays. The only difference is what produces them. X-rays are produced by excited electrons and gamma rays are produced by the nuclei in atoms. X-rays are used to treat disease, take pictures of the interior of the body, and study the universe.

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