What Are Some Common Words Ending in the Letter Q?

Some examples of words that end with the letter Q are suq, tzaddiq, and unq. Words that end with Q are extremely rare, and all of them are either abbreviations, such as tranq and CQ, or words borrowed from another language to describe a culture-specific title or object, such as talaq and umiaq.

Many of the words that end with the letter Q have an Eastern origin. Suq is an alternate spelling of souk, which is an Arabic market or bazaar. A tzaddiq is a Hassidic spiritual leader. Talaq is the Islamic term for a man divorcing his wife according to the sanctions of the Q'uran.

The majority of words ending with the letter Q are actually abbreviations. Tranq is short for tranquilizer, and unq is the abbreviated form of unnilquadium. Other abbreviations are .mq, which is the Internet address for Martinique; GHQ, which is an initialism for General Headquarters; and CQ, which means call to quarters and is the term for the code letters at the beginning of a radio transmission which are meant for all its recipients.

Umiaq is different from the other words that end with the letter Q in that it is neither an abbreviation nor of Eastern origin. It is an Inuit word that refers to a large boat constructed of skins stretched over a wooden frame.