What Are Some Common Words Beginning With the Letter I?

Common English words that begin with the letter "i" include "idea," "inch," "ice," "imagine," "if" and "in." The word "I" is also very common as is "it," "is" and "include." There are hundreds of English words that begin with the letter "i," ranging from "iamb" to "izzards," according to The Crossword Solver.

Other common English words that start with "i" are "indicate," "industry," "insect," "instrument," "invent," "iron," "interest" and "island," according to UsingEnglish.com. To find the definition of one of these words, click on the hyperlinked word on either UsingEnglish.com or The Crossword Solver website. This will bring up a dictionary entry, and UsingEnglish.com also gives users the number of letters and syllables in the word as well as various lexical and grammatical information. Words that begin with "i" also include common contractions, such as "I'll," "I'm" and "I'd."

Online dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster can also offer English words that begin with "i." Search for words by typing "i" in the search box and scrolling through the suggested words. Merriam-Webster also offers a list of the most commonly searched for words, and "i" words on this list as of 2015 were "irony," which was number nine, and "insidious," which was number 21.