What Are Some Common Ways to Create a Timeline of Events?

What Are Some Common Ways to Create a Timeline of Events?

One way to create a timeline of events is for the writer to determine the scale and focus of the timeline. This determines whether the timeline focuses on large-scale things, such as major historical events, or smaller-scale things, such as events concerning a specific geographical area.

Once the writer has decided on the scale and focus of his timeline, he must create the list of events he wishes to include on the timeline. Another way he can create the timeline is for him to research the time period that these events take place in. He should write down his sources while researching so that he can return to these sources later and verify information as needed.

The writer must then determine how time is to be measured on his timeline. It may span only days or months, or it may span centuries. The size of the writer's medium, such as the size of his paper, may also determine the scale of the timeline and how time is measured on it.

The next step is for the writer to write down the number of equally-spaced segments he requires on the timeline. He writes down the events he selected in chronological order on these segments.

Other timeline options include the writer color-coding these events for easy reference. Additionally, he can create multiple parallel timelines to allow comparison of events occuring simultaneously. These timelines should be grouped by the writer into distinctive themes.