What Are Some Common Vietnamese Names for Girls?


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Common names for Vietnamese girls are often ones with a positive and uplifting meaning, for example, Hanh, meaning "good conduct," which is a desirable attribute for a woman. Some more examples include An or Binh, which both mean "peace," Chau or Ngoc, which are both precious stones, or Giang or Ha, which are both rivers.

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The common meanings of Vietnamese girl names reflect an ideal concept or an inspiration, including desirable attributes, such as Dung, which means "beauty," Anh or Minh, which both stand for "intellectual brightness," Diu, which means "a gentle soul," and Thao, which means "generosity."

Sometimes, the meaning of a name lies in the combination between the given name and the middle name. For example, Thu Quynh means a beautiful autumn flower. You can refer to a girl by her given name only, or by both her given name and middle name. Some common names, such as Minh, Anh, and An can be either for a boy or a girl.

It is getting more common to have two middle names, one of which can be the family name from the mother. For example, Hoang Nguyen Ngoc Diep can be a full name for a Vietnamese girl, in which Hoang is the family name from the father, Nguyen is the family name of the mother's father, and Ngoc Diep means "a colorful leaf." In Vietnamese tradition, the baby takes the father's family name, which comes first, and the wife doesn't change her family name when she gets married.

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