What Are Some Common Two-Year Degree Programs?

What Are Some Common Two-Year Degree Programs?

Some common two-year degrees are an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science. These two types of degrees prepare the student for a four-year bachelor's degree in the field of their choice. Another degree is an Associate of Applied Science, which includes majors such as nursing and Web design.

Some other common types of two-year degrees include business programs. These degrees may include general business, administration or management. Any of these options give the student the necessary skills for entry-level positions in the business field.

Computer information system degrees are also available as two-year degrees and allow the student to focus on Web management, computer support or database management. Additionally, the student gains skills in programming and networking. Graphic design is another option for the more artistically inclined.

Other options in the medical field that a student can enter with a two-year degree are physical therapy assistant, radiologic and x-ray technician, and dental hygienist.

Engineering technicians only need a two-year degree. Areas in this field include environmental, aerospace, mechanical and electrical. Environmental engineering technicians make the least money, while aerospace engineering technicians make the most.

Other careers that only need a two-year degree are HVAC workers, funeral directors, paralegals, police detectives and hospitality workers.