What Are Common Topics in 8th Grade Science Textbooks?


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Eighth grade science textbooks typically cover a variety of topics in the areas of earth, physical and life sciences, including weather patterns, cellular structure and chemical changes. Many topics build upon science concepts that were introduced in previous grades.

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Eighth grade earth and space science topics focus on the earth's history and its structure. Students discuss energy, rocks and minerals, geological processes and common weather occurrences. Some textbooks also introduce astronomy in eighth grade, covering topics such as galaxies and celestial bodies.

Physical science topics in eighth grade cover states of matter, the effects of gravity, motion and force on matter, and physical and chemical changes. This year is also when students take a closer look at atoms, elements and compounds. Students learn about the periodic table and how to measure volume and density.

Life cycles, homeostasis and cellular mitosis are some common life science topics covered in eighth grade. Students explore plant structures, genetics and the process of evolution and are also introduced to concepts such as population ecology, biodiversity and the scientific classification of organisms. Eighth grade science students may also discuss human health and behavior and may learn more about the organ systems within the human body.

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