What Are Some Common Things Students Do That Annoy Teachers?

Lying, rudeness, not caring about learning and disrupting the class are some common things students do that annoy teachers. Seeking too much attention is another way students annoy teachers.

A student who lies makes the teacher feel insulted. Usually the lie is related to another annoyance such as being late for class or not having homework that's due. Rudeness towards the teacher makes teachers feel disrespected. It can take the form of talking back, blatant insults and malicious pranks.

When students don't care about learning, they don't pay attention in class, don't do the work and don't respond to the teacher's efforts to help them. They may waste class time asking the teacher to repeat instructions or parts of the lesson.

Disruptive students who talk out of turn about off-topic items, chatter with others, use their cellphones or tablets, and harass classmates require the teacher to stop teaching and deal with them instead. Such students may incite other students to join in the behavior, forcing the teacher into the role of disciplinarian.