What Are Some Common Spanish Names for Girls?


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Maria, Sofía, Isabella, Lucia, Sara and Valentina are some of the most common Spanish names for girls. Alma, Dolores, Daniela, Natalia and Marta are also popular, as are Magdalena, Angela, Lorena, Lourdes, and Lorenza. They are beloved by people of all cultures for their history, origin and beautiful meanings.

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What Are Some Common Spanish Names for Girls?
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Many girls' names have religious origins or meanings because of the historically Catholic culture. Maria, the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Spanish, has always been one of the most loved names in Spanish-speaking countries. Lucia was the name of a martyr from the fourth century who had her eyes gouged out. The honor paid to her in the Middle Ages increased the popularity of her name as parents placed their baptized children under her patronage by naming them after her.

Lourdes, another popular name among Hispanics, is also the name of a French town where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in the 19th century. The name Alma gained popularity after the famous Battle of Alma in Crimea. In English, the Spanish word "alma" means soul. Magdalena is the Spanish version of Magdalene, the name of the penitent who knelt at the feet of Jesus at Calvary. The name has also been used by canonized Catholic saints throughout history, adding to its popularity in Spanish countries.

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