What Are Some Common Spanish Female Names?


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Some of the most popular Spanish female names include Maria, Laura, Lucia, Cristina and Paula. More favorites are Marta, Sara, Andrea, Ana and Alba. Sandra and Nerea are additional popular names listed by BabyCenter.

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What Are Some Common Spanish Female Names?
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The most popular Spanish female names have changed considerably over the past few generations. Before the 1920s, the most popular female names were Maria, Carmen, Josefa, Dolores and Francisca, as well as Antonia, Maria Carmen, Isabel, Pilar and Concepcion. These names remained widely popular until the 1950s, when the use of double names became the norm. By this time, some of the top female Spanish names were Maria Carmen, Carmen, Josefa, Maria Dolors and Maria Pilar. More of the list were Maria Teresa, Isabel, Maria Angeles and Francisca.

A few decades later, many of the same classics were still popular. However, the 1970s and 1980s saw the increase in popularity of other single names and double names, including Maria Jose, Patricia, Beatriz, Raquel and Sonia. In addition, Susana, Yolanda and Veronica stood out as favorites.

Many different names have become popular since 2000, particularly among Hispanic females. Some of these names include Sofia, Isabella, Valentina, Camila and Valeria. Many parents also choose Emma, Luciana, Victoria, Martina and Ximena. Others that remain on the list of favorites at BabyCenter ,as of 2015, are Natalia, Daniela, Lucia, Mariana and Catalina. Renata, Samantha, Gabriela, Antonella, Mia, Salome and Julieta were all names ranked among the top 100 Hispanic female names in 2013.

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