What Are Some Common Slang Words in Italian?


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Common Italian slang phrases include "Che figata," which means "What a cool thing," and "Figurati," which translates to "Don't worry about it" or "It's nothing." Another common slang word is "Dai!" It is pronounced similarly to the English word "die," but the word translates roughly to "Come on!"

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What Are Some Common Slang Words in Italian?
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An Italian slang phrase often used to express discontent or frustration is "Mi fa cagare," which aligns with the English sentiment, "That's awful!" However, "Mi fa cagare" literally means "It makes me poop." Another negative Italian connotation is "Che schifo," which means "How disgusting!"

To emphasize annoyance, Italians commonly express "Che palle!" Pronounced "key-pah-leh," it directly translates to English as "What balls!" but is equivalent to the English phrase "What a pain in the ass!"

"Meno mal" is a slang term that commonly expresses relief. The phrase means "less bad" in Italian but is akin to the American sayings "Phew!" and "Thank God!" To literally say "Thank God," the Italian phrase is "Grazi a Dio."

Whitney Richelle, an American journalist living in Florence, Italy, asserts that understanding and using these common slang expressions in Italy boosts comprehension, assists with mastery of the language and makes the speaker more fun to talk with among native Italian speakers.

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