What Are Some of the Most Common Six-Letter Words?


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"Helmet, "orient", "ornate", "ration" and "retina" are some examples of common six-letter words in the English language. Other six-letter words that are frequently used include "auntie", "drawer" and "stench".

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A helmet is a protective hat that is usually hard or padded. This is typically worn by athletes, soldiers, motorcyclists and police officers. "Orient," when used as a noun, describes the many countries of Asia, especially the nations in eastern Asia. As a verb, it refers to the positioning or aligning of an object that is relative to the points of a compass. "Ornate" is used as an adjective that describes an object decorated with complicated patterns or constructed in an intricate shape.

The word "ration," when used as a verb, means to allow a person to have a fixed amount of a named commodity. In its noun form, it is commonly used during times of shortage or war since it refers to a set amount of a specific commodity that is officially allocated to each person. A retina is the layer found at the back of an eyeball, which contains light-sensitive cells. It triggers nerve impulses that then move to the brain via the optic nerve. The brain interprets these impulses to form a visual image.

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