What Are Common Seven-Letter Words in the English Language?


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Some common seven-letter words in the English language include anymore, correct, earlier, goodbye and imagine. Common seven-letter words that are foods are avocado, burrito, cupcake, granola and popcorn, while common seven-letter words that are animals include cheetah, dolphin, giraffe, gorilla and raccoon. Seven-letter words involving medicine or disease are typhoid, aspirin, vaccine, glucose and surgeon. In addition to surgeon, other career names that have seven letters are fireman, mailman, sheriff and dentist.

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One of the most common categories for seven-letter words are adjectives. Common seven-letter adjectives include amazing, bashful, fragile, awesome and healthy. Common seven-letter words in other parts of speech are verbs, such as animate, destroy, extract, nullify and suggest; and nouns, including necktie, asphalt, flowers, laundry and mailbox.

Words with prefixes are a large part of common seven-letter words in the English language. Some of the seven-letter words with the prefix "un" include unknown, unleash, unravel, unusual and unscrew. Seven-letter words with the prefix "up" include upstate, upsurge, upswing, updraft and uptight. Words beginning with "ex" are common among seven-letter choices, such as exactly, example, explain, explore and extreme.

Common seven-letter country destinations are Tunisia, Jamaica, Ireland, England and Holland, while common seven-letter places are kitchen, bedroom, stadium and station.

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