What Are Some Common School Supplies for Sixth Grade Students?


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While required school supplies vary by school and by teacher, sixth-grade supply lists typically include lined composition notebooks, blue and red ink pens, a ruler, three-ring binders and subject dividers. Sixth-graders also need highlighters, a scientific calculator and a pocket dictionary. The sixth-grade supply list also usually includes pencils and a zippered pencil pouch, erasers, a 12-inch ruler, felt-tip pens and dry erase markers. Pocket folders, scissors, glue sticks, notebook paper and colored pencils complete the standard supply list.

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Required supplies may also include a USB flash drive and ruled index cards. Staplers, pencil sharpeners and three-hole punches are among the personal tools sixth-graders often supply for themselves. When sixth grade is part of middle school, students also need locker accessories such as combination locks.

Parents spent just over $100 for school supplies from supply lists containing an average of 18 items in 2014, according to the National Retail Federation, and teachers personally supplemented the students' supplies, spending an average of $485 for classroom supplies. Reports of school supply spending in 2012 put the total average spending for school supplies by parents at just under $71 per student, with the cost of supplies for sixth-graders at $18 more than the average.

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