What Are Some Common School Disciplinary Methods?


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Common school disciplinary methods include redirection, calm reminders, statements of authority, silent responses and the visitor's chair technique. Teachers should choose a disciplinary strategy based on each students individual personality and needs.

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Teachers use redirection to divert students' attention away from negative behaviors and toward more positive behaviors. The technique is effective in situations where the teacher is unable to directly confront a misbehaving student. Calm reminders are useful to gently communicate expected behavior expected without negativity.

Simple authority statements enable teachers to express dissatisfaction with misbehavior quickly and unemotionally, minimizing student distress. Silent responses allow students an opportunity to correct negative behavior while providing teachers additional time to assess behavior and determine what future action may be necessary. The visitor's chair strategy involves moving students, teachers instruct misbehaving students to sit near them without expressing negativity. Students are able to return to their seats when they are ready to follow directions.

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