What Are Some Common Russian Words?


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Common Russian words include "da," "net" or "nyet," "on," "ya" and "zdravstvuyte." "Da" translates as "yes." "Nyet" or "net" means "no." "On" means "he," while "Ya" means "I." "Zdravstvuyte" translates as "hello." The most common word in Russian is "i," which means "and." As written Russian uses the Cyrillic script, these spellings are transliterations of the words.

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As with most languages, the most commonly used words in Russian are conjunctions, prepositions and pronouns. The most common verb is Russian means "to be" and transliterates as "byt'" or "bit'." The use of apostrophes in some transliterated words is due to sounds in the Russian language that no Latin letters used in English accurately represent. The indirect relation of sounds also accounts for variance in transliteration

The most commonly used noun in Russian is "chyelovyek," which translates as "man" or "person" depending on context. Other common nouns include "dom," which means "home" or "house," and "drug," which translates as "friend."

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters and varies slightly from the historical Cyrillic alphabet due to the inclusion of some letters borrowed from the Greek and Hebrew alphabets. Only six letters look and sound nearly identical in written Russian and English. Other letters sound the same but look different, while some, such as "b" and "p," look the same but represent different sounds.

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