What Are Some Common Reasons Why Math Is Important?

Reasons why math is important include it helps people perform a variety of different common tasks, such as reading an odometer, telling time and counting change. Just about every profession uses math, including bank tellers, engineers and nurses.

Math helps people make strategic decisions in their professional and daily life, such as investment opportunities, choosing an insurance rate and looking at stock market data and trends. When shopping people use math to calculate sales tax or to calculate a sales price. Managers use math to manage work schedules and analyze productivity; politicians use math for budgetary reasons; and agriculturists use math to determine the amount of pesticides, fertilizers and water needed to produce bountiful crops.

Math skills are necessary in sports and playing common board games when presented with a decision on making certain moves. In sports, uses of math include probability, geometry and statistics. Math is important in sports to discuss statistics or using a formula to draft players, or a judge scoring an athlete. In bowling, people need to determine the best angle to throw a ball for a strike or spare. Cooks use math to determine measurements, and those on vacation use math to find their flight arrival and departure times.