What Are Common Questions on a Social Studies Practice Test?

Questions for a social studies practice tests depend on the grade the test is for. However, it is common to see questions about NAFTA, such as "What does NAFTA stand for?" Other questions might ask about women's suffrage. For instance, one might be asked "What does the word 'suffrage' mean?" Another common question asks what kind of government the United States employs.

On a social studies test, there might be a paragraph describing a certain topic, followed by a few questions about it. For instance, one might find a quote from the U.S. Constitution, followed by the question "Where is this quote from?" If the test is a multiple choice one, different options, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta, can be given in addition to the right answer.

Other common questions revolve around immigrants. For instance, one might ask why countries choose to limit the number of immigrants. One might ask questions about the different types of governments in the world. Definitions for terms such as democracy, monarchy and dictatorship are good for testing knowledge. Finally, questions can be about slavery, the Civil Rights movement or segregation. For example, one can ask "When did the segregation end?"