What Are Some Common Questions in the Emergency Medicine Board Review?


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Common questions in the Emergency Medicine Board Review describe a patient's presenting complaint, his vitals, some history and the initial examination findings. Based on this information, answering the question involves selecting the most likely diagnosis or the most appropriate next step in management or initial therapy. Drug interactions, the implications of treatment being received for other medical conditions and exacerbating environmental factors are often built into complex situational descriptions requiring analysis to correctly answer the question.

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Choosing the optimal treatment option from among those provided for a metabolic allergic emergency or to identify the steps to be taken in the event of possible exposure to rabies are typically found on the Emergency Medicine Board Review. Similarly, based on information provided, answering a question regarding burns may require the identification of the factors involved in determining if a burn is a minor or major burn and selecting the appropriate course of treatment, including pain control.

A question requiring a judgement regarding the gastrointestinal, respiratory and cardiovascular clinical findings related to a diagnosis of anaphylaxis is another common type of question. Usually multiple choice, questions can range from distinguishing between the implications of bradycardia, tachycardia and pulseless arrest algorithms or identifying varying signs and symptoms of basilar skull fracture, as opposed to a temporal bone fracture or head injury.

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