What Are Some Common Questions Asked on 12th-Grade Physics Tests?

What Are Some Common Questions Asked on 12th-Grade Physics Tests?

Common questions found on a 12th-grade physics test include those about light and optics, such as whether light travels through all transparent media at the same speed. Wave and sound questions could include asking whether a sound wave is a radiant, transverse, electromagnetic or longitudinal wave.

In the forces and motion category, questions that require calculations are common, such as determining how long it takes a car to travel 75 miles if it is traveling at an average speed of 50 miles per hour. Another forces and motion question could be about negative acceleration of an object and whether its velocity is increasing, decreasing, zero or constant.

For heat transfer studies, questions about the specific heat of different substances, such as iron, wood, oil, or water are common. Questions about the amount of energy or heat needed to raise the temperature of a substance by a given value may also appear.

In thermodynamics, students may be asked to identify the equation for the first law of thermodynamics, or explain why not all heat energy is converted into useful work energy.

A common question about matter asks whether a solid, liquid or gas has the strongest attractive force. In fluid mechanics, a student may be asked to define different types of gases, such as random, ideal or particle. Tests often include questions about the interaction between the molecules and atoms for the different gases.