What Are Some Common Punjabi Words?

What Are Some Common Punjabi Words?

Among the 20 most common Punjabi words are these verbs: "d?," meaning "give or handover" "hai," which translates to "is" in the third person singular form; "s?," which translates to the past tense of "be" and "was;" and "han," which translates to "are." Adding k? following a verb makes it perfect tense, such as "having done" or "after doing." The Punjabi words "d?," "d?" and "d?" all mean "of" or "belonging to;" "d?"is feminine and "d?" is masculine.

The 20 most common words in the Punjabi language account for over 23 percent of all Punjabi text. Some of additional examples of these words are: "n??," which means "to;" "t?," which means "and" or "on;" "vic," which can mean "in," "within," "into," "inside," "among," or "between;" and "at?," which translates to "and" or "as well as."

Punjabi pronouns include "us," which translates to "that," "he," "she," and "it." It is the singular oblique case form of the Punjabi pronoun "uh," which translates as "he," "she," "it," "they," "that," and "those." "Si?gh" is a common word that means "a baptized Sikh" or a "lion."

The cardinal numbers one to 10 in Punjabi are: " ikk," "d?," "tinn," "car," "pañj," "ch?," "satt," "nau?," and "das." Among the main verbs are "kar," which is "do" in English and "h?," which translates to "be" and "are."

The spoken form of the Punjabi language is tonal and relies on three primary tones to differentiate words that are otherwise identical. These tones are high-rising-falling, mid-rising-falling and low rising.