What Are Some Common Problems in Second-Hand Vehicles?


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Some common problems in secondhand vehicles include damage to the body and frame, leaking hoses, a failing transmission, worn out brakes, worn tires and rust, warns McCluskey Automotive. A thorough inspection is important to buy a used car that has been cared for and functions well, mentions Cars.com.

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Damage to the body and frame of the car is important to look out for since those there are safety issues in the case of an accident. Previous accidents that have caused damage to the car can also weaken it and put the driver and passengers in danger if another accident occurs, mentions McCluskey Automotive. Rust is another common issue that can harm the car's value and suggest that previous accidents have occurred.

Wear to a vehicle's tires, brakes and hoses can be problematic for used cars. Tires that are bald or unevenly worn can cause safety issues when driving and require a replacement set of tires, notes Cars.com. Brake problems can be very dangerous and cause an accident if the brakes fail, so it is important to examine the brake pads and discs to ensure safety. Hoses that are leaking or worn may lead to significant issues if not repaired.

Some other problems that can occur with secondhand cars include problems with the trunk latch, electrical system, fan belts and cooling system, suggests Cars.com. A mechanic can do a thorough inspection to check for such issues.

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