What Are Some Common Polish Words and Phrases and Their Meanings?


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Common phrases in Polish include "Dzie? dobry," which means "good morning" or "good afternoon," and "Mi?o mi Ci? pozna?," which is an informal greeting that translates to "nice to meet you." "Dziekuj? bardzo" means "thank you very much" in Polish.

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"Yes" and "no" in Polish translate as "Tak" and "Nie," respectively. Two common simple greetings in the Polish language are "Hej" and "Cze??," both which translate to "Hi."

The Polish way to say, "My name is..." is "Mam na imi?..." and there are two ways to ask people what their names are in Polish. The informal method is, "Jak sie nazywasz?" and the formal method is, "Jak sie Pan/Pani nazywa?" where "Pan" and "Pani" translate into "sir" and "madame," respectively.

A polite way of asking someone to write down what is being said is "Czy mo?e mi Pan/Pani to zapisa??" whereas a less formal way of asking the same question is "Czy mo?esz mi to zapisa??" If someone has made a mistake, make him aware of this by saying "Tutaj jest pomy?ka."

A simple way to ask a Polish person how much something costs is to ask, "Ile to kosztuje?" If it is too expensive, say "Za drogo" to express that sentiment. If the price is right, say "Idealnie" to agree.

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