What Are Some Common Online Classes at Collin College?

What Are Some Common Online Classes at Collin College?

Freshman composition, college algebra, general biology, survey of British literature and music appreciation are some common online classes at Collin College. Collin College offers an online version of the entire general education core the Texas Education Code stipulates and requires.

Numbers for courses in the general education core are universal throughout Texas colleges in accordance with the Texas Education Code. Freshman composition is ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302 at educational institutions that the state of Texas supports in whole or part with state tax dollars.

Students attending institutions that follow the Texas Education Code, such as Collin College, must complete a certain number of credits within the general education core to progress to courses that are more closely related to a degree path of choice. Consequently, these are the most common classes that Collin College students take online.

Collin College class descriptions and schedules are available on Online.Colllin.edu. Each class description indicates if the class is hybrid or taught exclusively online.

Within each discipline, students have a choice of 10 or more classes toward the overall general education core requirement. Consequently, a student and her academic advisers tailor the distribution of course types to suit more specific, future academic goals.