What Are Some of the Most Common NCAA Rules Violations?


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While NCAA rule violation may seem like something that only happens in limited instances, there has been a lot of media attention paid to the fact that violations are actually quite common. These violations can range from the mundane, such as excessive telephone calls or subtle violations around practice times, to major violations relating to recruiting. Schools and programs that repeatedly violate rules, and habitually break the same rule in particular, are subject to discipline by the NCAA.

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Schools committing NCAA rules violations may be disciplined through a series of warnings, probations and even playing season cancellations or restrictions. These punishments are usually levied with a specific time limit, such as a university's women's basketball team being on probation that expires on a certain date or a specified month and year.

To outsiders, NCAA rules may appear complex and obscure, particularly with respect to the fact that the rules are tiered and coded. For example, in 2013, a coach for an NCAA men's football team was seen chewing tobacco during a televised game broadcast; the NCAA later announced that this was a Level II secondary violation. This, combined with the fact that schools may not be actively monitoring their athletics programs very closely, may make it difficult to identify what exactly constitutes a violation in the eyes of the NCAA.

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