What Are Some Common Names of American Cities?


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Some common names of American cities are Fairview, Springfield, Midway, Greenville and Riverside. For example, Riverside exists as a city or another place in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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Springfield is a city name in 34 different states, according to U.S. Board on Geographic Names data. This includes the states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois, where Springfield is the state capital. Most of these cities take their names from the city of Springfield in Massachusetts, which was an important early American manufacturing location. The popularity of Springfield as a city name led "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening to choose it as the name of the show's fictional town.

Another common name is Greenville, which is a city in approximately 30 states, including New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island and West Virginia. Washington is also popular and is a city in states such as Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Utah, in addition to being the name of the U.S. capital.

When the data includes all locations in the United States as of 2015, two of the most common names are Fairview and Midway. There are 273 places called Fairview, including 24 cities, and 257 places called Midway.

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