What Are Some Common Military Courses?


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Some common military courses offered at colleges include those in military leadership, military history, military organization, military operations and military law. These courses are usually part of degree programs in military science, and general military science courses exist that cover a variety of these topics together, suggests MSMary.edu.

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Military leadership courses are very common and may cover a specific type of leadership or management. For example, there are introductory military leadership skills courses that cover a range of leadership practices for the army and introduce students to the army's staff hierarchy. Other leadership courses might cover team, tactical, individual, adaptive, ethical or applied leadership. Interpersonal skills, navigation, terrain analysis, order giving, movement techniques and basic military skills are some topics that may be addressed in such courses. Fitness training and field training are also common, especially for advanced courses.

Military history courses often focus on historical wars so that students can see the strategies troops used in these wars and what they can learn from the results. Military organization courses, on the other hand, introduce students to the roles of the military and the responsibilities of individual positions. Military operations courses go into depth on theories for operating a military effectively to perform operations, and first aid techniques for the field may also be covered.

Military law courses teach what laws the military has to adhere to during operations and what the United States Constitution states about the military's role.

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