What Are Some Common Male Nicknames?


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Examples of common male nicknames include Bobby, Danny, Eddie, Frankie and Hal. These nicknames are derived from male first names. However, male nicknames can also be derived from descriptive words or titles.

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Bobby is a common nickname for men named Robert. Danny comes from the names Daniel and Sheridan. Eddie is a nickname for men named Edgar, Edward, Edmond and Edwin. Other nicknames associated with those first names are Ed and Eddy. Frankie is derived from the names Francis and Franklin, while Hal comes from the names Henry and Harold.

Harry and Hank are also nicknames for men names Henry. Additional nicknames derived from first names are Johnny, Jim, Rick and Ted. Johnny is associated with men named Jonathon or John, and Jim comes from the name James. Rick is a form of Richard, and Ted is derived from Theodore and Edward.

Nicknames for men can also be private names from significant others. Examples of this type of nickname include Sweetie Pie and Honey. These names cultivate a sense of intimacy between lovers. Family and friends often give boys and men nicknames based on their personality or unique physical attributes. These nicknames commonly originate in childhood and stick with the person throughout his life.

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