What Are Some Common Last Names of Cherokee Indians?


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Some common surnames of Cherokee Indians are Eagle, Tuckahoe, Wickett, Wilenawa and Oconostota, which belong to the Ahnigatogewi, or the Wild Potato Clan. Other surnames include Bentleg, Beaver, Goodpaster, Cornsilk and Berrymann, which belong to the Ahnigilolahi, or the Long Hair Clan.

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The Long Hair Clan was a warrior women society, and those who belonged to the clan wore elaborate hairstyles and walked in a proud manner. Many who belonged to this Cherokee clan were also educators and story-tellers, and the peace chiefs who came from the clan wore white feather robes.

Another Cherokee clan is the Ahnikawi, or Deer Clan. Those who belonged to this clan were deer trackers, hunters and general keepers, and they specialized in tanning, leatherworking and keeping deer medicine. Many member of this clan were known to be fast foot messengers and outrunners, and they subsisted primarily on the animal that hey hunted, though they were always respectful of their prey and lived among deer in responsible communities.

The Aniwahya, also known as the wolf clan, is one of the most famous and largest Cherokee clans, and they provided the Cherokee nation with many warriors. The clan was famous for keeping and tracking wolves, and their clan color was red.

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