What Are Common Japanese Names for Boys?


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Common Japanese names for boys are Ren, Haruto and Yuma. Other common Japanese boys names are Yuuto and Yuuki. Haruto was the most popular Japanese boy name in 2012. Hiroto was the most popular Japanese boy name in 2013,

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The Japanese boy name Haruto has a variety of different meanings, depending on how it is written. The first part of the name, "Haru" can mean either "sun," "sunlight," "distant" or "clear up." The last syllable of the name, "to," means either "soar" or "fly." It can also refer to the constellation "Ursa Major" when combined with the form of "Haru" that means "clear up."

Ren is a common Japanese boys name that can mean either "lotus," "romance" or "love." Ren was the 21st most popular Japanese boy name in 2012. The name Yuma ranked just below Ren, at 20, on the same list.

Yuuto and Yuuki are two more increasingly popular Japanese names. They are usually ranked with the name Haruto within the top five most popular Japanese boy names. In 2012, the name Yuki, an alternative spelling of Yuuki, was the fourth most popular Japanese boy name. Yuto, the alternate version of Yuuto, ranked second on the 2012 list, just below Haruto.

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