What Are Some Common Items on a Ninth-Grade School Supplies List?

Common items on a ninth grade school supply list may include a flash drive, pens, pencils and pocket folders. Additional items may include spiral notebooks and a three-ring binder. However, the supplies required vary depending on the school and a student's specific schedule.

Other items on ninth-grade school supply lists may include a calculator, dictionary, highlighters, thesaurus and graphing paper. A student may also need a combination lock and a backpack. Other common items are paper clips, markers, glue sticks and poster paper. Hand sanitizer and tissuses are also handy.

Recommended supplies may also include smartphone apps. For example, students in a foreign language class may find foreign dictionary and translator apps on their list of suggested supplies.

Students may find that their math and science teachers recommend scientific calculators. For students who intend to take more advanced math classes, such as calculus, later on in high school, their teachers may recommend the purchase of a graphing calculator.

Students and their parents may want to purchase certain items even if the school doesn't require them. For example, students who need three-ring binders may find subject dividers and a three-hole punch helpful in staying organized. Another item students should consider acquiring is a planner, which enables them to stay organized and keep track of their assignments.