What Are Some Common Irish Greetings and Sayings?


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According to IrishCentral.com, one common Irish phrase is "sure look it," which is essentially an acceptable answer for any question or comment. Another common Irish phrase is "a whale of a time," which expresses how good of a time someone has had at an event or gathering.

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Another commonly-used Irish phrase is "the jacks," which is tantamount to the British "loo" and the American "powder room." "Go way outta that" is another Irish expression. This saying has a few different connotations. It can be an exclamation of disbelief or a standard response when someone pays a compliment. It roughly can be translated to "don't be silly," or "it's no trouble." "Arseways" is a common Irish word used when something goes poorly. If visiting Ireland, you might also hear the phrase "donkey's years." While this does not equate to an exact amount of time, it does mean that something has taken quite a long time. "Quare" is a word used fairly commonly in the south of Ireland. It is essentially just an odd pronunciation of "queer," but it's used as a replacement for "very." To "put the heart crossways" in someone means to give someone a scare. These are just a few of the many words and phrases unique to the Irish vernacular.

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