What are some common Irish grandmother names?


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As of 2015, some common Irish grandmother names Irish-speaking children use include "Seanmh��thair," which translates to "old mother," and "M��thair Mh��r," which translates to "great mother." English-speaking Irish children usually refer to their grandmothers with common names, such as Granny, Grandma or Nanna.

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The Irish language, known as Gaeilge, has specific vocative and nominative case forms, which require the speaker to use different terms when describing a person versus addressing them directly. In the case of Irish grandmother names in Gaeilge, the majority are nominative case, meaning they are used when describing or speaking about a person's grandmother. "Seanmh��thair" and "M��thair Mh��r," are considered formal titles, along with "M��thair Chr��ona," which translates to "mother of the heart." In turn, when speaking or addressing one's grandmother directly, vocative case names are generally used. These titles are considered informal, such as "Maime��" or "M��ra��," and the latter is used interchangeably to address grandmothers and grandfathers.

Additionally, some common Irish terms of endearment grandmothers use when speaking to their grandchildren in Gaeilge are "a st��r" and "a thaisce," which both mean "my treasure," and "a mhuirn��n," which means "darling." Other affectionate terms include "a leanbh," which translates to "my child," and "a chro��," which means "my heart."

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