What Are Some Common Indian Nicknames?

Some common Indian nicknames include Golu, Shona, Piya, Monu and Titu. Some other nicknames are Gudda, which means "boy doll," and Gudiya, which means "girl doll."

Many Indian nicknames are chosen for their associations and cute sounds, though some are popular due to their deeper meanings and cultural significance. Ajit is one Indian name that carries cultural weight, as it is a name associated with the gods Vishnu and Shiva. The name is also associated with the future Buddha, and it means "he who has not been conquered."

Another Indian name is Arundhati, which has roots in Hindu mythology. Worshippers in Hinduism believe that the name comes from the sage Vasishtha's wife, who was named after the star Alcor, which itself was named after a climbing plant that grows in the region. The word "arundhati" means "unrestrained" in Sanskrit.

Mohandas is another Indian name, and it literally translates to "servant of Mohana," a Hindu god. The Hindu god's name is Mohana, and the suffix of "dasa" denotes servant. One of the most famous individuals who had the name Mohandas was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhim, who later became known as Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian spiritual leader who led peaceful struggles for independence.