What Are Some Common Indian Names?


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Examples of common Indian names include Aditya, Ajit, Chanda, Dayaram and Devadas. Other examples are Harisha, Indira, Gopala and Jayanta. These names are derived from Sanskrit words.

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The name Aditya is masculine and means "belonging to Aditi" and "limitless" in Sanskrit. Aditi is the mother of the gods and celestial bodies, and she is associated with space and mystic speech. Aditi is first mentioned in the Rigveda, where she is depicted flying through the skies on a rooster, which is a symbol of strength and honor. She is often called upon to free people from hindrances, such as sickness and sin.

Ajit is another masculine Indian name. This name translates to "he who has not been conquered" or "invincible." Different forms of this name include Ajith, Agith, Ajay, Aje or Ajee. Ajit is also a name for Shiva and Vishnu in Hindu mythology.

The name Chanda means "fierce, hot and passionate." This is a name for boys, but it has a feminine version as well, which is Chandana. This name also means "shining moon." People with this name are considered to be capable, charismatic upholders of justice and truth who also have a desire for love, companionship, peace and harmony.

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