What Are Some of the Most Common Idioms?


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"Turn a blind eye," "raining cats and dogs," "larger than life" and "in stitches" are some of the most common idioms that are used by native English speakers and writers. "Raining cats and dogs," which means raining heavily, was initially mentioned in the poem "Olor Iscanus" by Henry Vaughan.

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"Turn a blind eye," which means feigning ignorance, originates from the incident that happened during the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. Admiral Horatio Nelson "turned a blind eye" to his commander's signal by using his blind eye to view through the telescope. "Larger than life," which refers to a dazzling person who is unconventional, became famous from the time it was mentioned in "The New Yorker" to refer to the former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. Shakespeare made the phrase "in stitches" popular when he used it in his "Twelfth Night" play.

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