What are some common Hungarian family names?


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Some of the most common Hungarian family names are Nagy, Kov��cs, T��th, Szab�� and Horv��th. Other common Hungarian surnames include Moln��r, Kiss, Varga, N��meth and Farkas.

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In the Hungarian language, it is common for people to be named after certain professions, similar to English occupational bynames such as Miller, Tailor and Smith. Some examples of this are Kov��cs (which means "smith") and Moln��r (meaning "miller"). Other examples include Varga ("shoemaker"), Szab�� ("tailor") and Juh��sz ("shepherd").

Some Hungarian names refer to specific countries or nationalities, such as T��th (which means "Slovak"). Horv��th is the Hungarian word for Croatian, while N��meth is the word for German. Some Hungarian family names are made from adjectives, such as Nagy (which means "tall" or "large"), and Kiss (which means "small"). There are numerous other Hungarian surnames that are similar to English surnames, such as the family name Simon, and Farkas, which means "wolf."

As of 2015, approximately 240,000 people in Hungary have the surname Nagy, making it the most common surname in the country. The second most common surname is Kov��cs, with around 220,000 people, followed by T��th with approximately 215,000. In total, the 20 most common surnames in Hungary account for more than 21 percent of the country's total population.

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