What Are Some Common Hispanic Baby Names?


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In 2014, the top Hispanic baby names for boys were Santiago, Mateo, Sebastian, Alejandro, Matias, Diego, Samuel, Nicolas, Daniel and Martin. The top names for girls were Sofia, Isabella, Valentina, Emma, Camila, Valeria, Victoria, Martina, Ximena and Luciana. Boys are often named for family members or religious figures, while trends show that girls' names tend to be less traditional.

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Other popular names for boys include Iker, Alejandro, Carlos, Tomas, Thiago, Lucas, Joaquin, Martin, Leonardo, Rodrigo, Andres, Emiliano, Angel, Javier, Felipe, Adrian, Agustin, Bruno, Jesus, Jorge, Manuel, Pablo, Francisco, Fernando, Ignacio, Maximiliano, Gael and Julian. Other popular names for girls include Julieta, Natalia, Daniela, Lucia, Mariana, Catalina, Renata, Emilia, Gabriela, Paula, Regina, Antonella, Mia, Salome, Elena, Violeta, Josefina, Maria, Julia, Claudia, Rafaela, Luna, Romina and Alejandra.

Many English names are increasing in popularity among Hispanic families, although they still generally rank far lower in popularity than more traditional names. One example is Ethan, which has become such a popular name that it is now commonly spelled phonetically as Izan in Spain. Short and simple names, such as Lola, Eva and Maia, are rising in popularity for girls, as are names based on nature and geographical places, such as Delfina, Abril and Florencia.

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