What Are the Most Common Hebrew Names?


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Some of the most common Hebrew names for males are Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua and Daniel, while the most common female names include Isabella, Abigail, Hannah, Elizabeth and Sarah. Dating back to the Israelites, Hebrew names are some of the oldest in existence, yet remain popular in modern times.

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What Are the Most Common Hebrew Names?
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The meanings and relations of Hebrew names are rooted in the Bible and its teachings. Jacob, which means "he grasps the wheel" in Hebrew, was the son of Isaac and Rebecca and is the most popular Hebrew name for a male. Michael, an archangel who commanded the Army of God, means "who is like God?" Joshua, meaning "God is salvation," was one of Moses' spies and lead the Israelites into the Holy Land.

Female Hebrew names carry the same tradition of meaning and biblical prominence. Isabella, a version of the name of John the Baptist's mother, means "God is my oath." Abigail, meaning "joy of the father," was a relative of David, though it is not clear whether she was his wife or sister. Hannah, Samuel's mother, means "grace." In addition to being the three most popular Hebrew names for females, Isabella, Abigail and Hannah remain some of the most popular names in the United States, as of 2015.

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