What Are Some Common Greek Family Names?

Some common Greek family names include Antoniou, Papadopoulos and Dimitriou. Greek names are common both in Greece and in the Greek diaspora found all over the world.

Antoniou means "son of Antonios," and is a Greek variant of the English name Anthony. It originates from the Roman name Antonius, which was an ancient Roman clan to which Marcus Antonius, the lover of Cleopatra, belonged.

Papadopoulos is the most common Greek surname in Greece, Cyprus and the Greek diaspora in the United States and Australia. It translates to "son of a priest" and first appeared in the Christian era. Most Greeks belong to the Orthodox Church, which allows priests to marry and have children, a practice that resulted in the common name.

Dimitriou is of ancient Greek in origin and is derived from the name Demetrios, which means "follower of Demeter," the ancient Greek goddess of harvest and fertility. The name is also popular in Eastern

Europe, leading to the confusion that the name is of Slavic origin.

In the United States, many Greek names have been anglicized, so many people of Greek ancestry often have English names. Dimitrios and Dimitriou is an example of a Greek name that has been anglicized to James, Jim or Jimmy.