What Are Some Common Girl Name Meanings?


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One common girl name, as of 2015, is Sophia, which is a Greek name that means "wisdom." Another name is Abigail which is a Hebrew name that means "a father's joy."

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The name Isabella is a Hebrew name that means "God's promise." It is a common name among European queens and a name seen in classic literary works by Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Emily Bronte. Another common name is Emma, also found in Jane Austen novels, and it comes from the German name Ermen or Ermintrude meaning "universal." Used as a girl or boy name, Ava comes from the Latin word "avis" and means "bird." Some alternates to Ava are Eva, Evelyn, Avah and Avelina.

The name Emily is a derivative of the Latin name Amelia and it means "rival" or "eager." Madison is a unisex name that means "son of the mighty warrior" and it is a variation of the Hebrew name Madeline that means "mighty in battle." The name Mia or Mya is a Hebrew name that means "uncertain" but is also a shortened version of the Danish and Swedish name Maria. The Greek goddess Demeter gave birth to a daughter named Chloe, a common name which means "green shoot" or "fresh blooming."

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