What Are Some Common French Words and Phrases?


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Some of the most common French words and phrases are "oui," "non," "s'il vous plaît," "à cause de," and "au contraire." In English, these words and phrases mean "yes," "no," "because of," "please," and "on the contrary," respectively.

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What Are Some Common French Words and Phrases?
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If a person is traveling to a French-speaking country and wants to converse with people, it is essential to at least know the conversational basics of the French language. It puts the person and the person they are talking to at ease if they are able to speak fluently. It is also important when speaking, however, to be as polite as possible, even in non-French languages, as doing so shows respect for a person and their culture.

Some of the most popular phrases in French have actually made their way into the English language. While these phrases are not always pronounced in the proper French manner, the spelling usually stays intact, and the meaning of each phrase is the main reason for its importation into English. The French love of food, art and philosophy, in particular, has made many French phrases attractive for using in everyday English. The French phrase "c'est la vie," for example, which means "such is life" in English, is commonly used.

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