What Are Some Common French Names for Boys?


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Some common French names for boys include Adrien, Benoît, Christophe, Gilles and Laurent. Hyphenated names are also very common in French culture, such as Jean-Pierre, Pierre-Louis and Jean-Marie.

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What Are Some Common French Names for Boys?
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Some French names are inspired by the name's word of origin and its meaning, such as Aimé, meaning "loved," Auguste, meaning "noble," Benjamin, meaning "youngest," Jules or Julius, meaning "guy" or "bloke," and Pierre, meaning "stone." A few other names with special meanings include Noël, meaning "Christmas," Olivier or Oliver, meaning "olive tree," and René, meaning "reborn." Some French names inspired by former leaders and kings include Alexandre, Antoine, Charles, Édouard and Henri.

Some simple, short French names include Alain, André, Bruno, Jean and Léon. Some names inspired by literature or authors include Arthur, Hugues, Sébastien, Philippe and Tristan. A few names common in pop culture references include Étienne, François, Guillaume, Rémy and Xavier. Boy names with a vintage feel include Didier, Emmanuel, Luc, Marcel and Thibaut or Thibault.

A few French boy names inspired by musicians include Claude, Maurice, Iannis, Sacha and Georges. Some names inspired by famous French artists include Eugène, Gustave, Wassily, Edgar and Fernand. Other names inspired by politicians and academicians include Nicolas, Louis, Pierre, Samuel and Blaise.

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