What are some common French names for boys?


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Some common French names for boys include Adrien, Beno��t, Christophe, Gilles and Laurent. Hyphenated names are also very common in French culture, such as Jean-Pierre, Pierre-Louis and Jean-Marie.

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What are some common French names for boys?
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Some French names are inspired by the name's word of origin and its meaning, such as Aim��, meaning "loved," Auguste, meaning "noble," Benjamin, meaning "youngest," Jules or Julius, meaning "guy" or "bloke," and Pierre, meaning "stone." A few other names with special meanings include No��l, meaning "Christmas," Olivier or Oliver, meaning "olive tree," and Ren��, meaning "reborn." Some French names inspired by former leaders and kings include Alexandre, Antoine, Charles, ��douard and Henri.

Some simple, short French names include Alain, Andr��, Bruno, Jean and L��on. Some names inspired by literature or authors include Arthur, Hugues, S��bastien, Philippe and Tristan. A few names common in pop culture references include ��tienne, Fran��ois, Guillaume, R��my and Xavier. Boy names with a vintage feel include Didier, Emmanuel, Luc, Marcel and Thibaut or Thibault.

A few French boy names inspired by musicians include Claude, Maurice, Iannis, Sacha and Georges. Some names inspired by famous French artists include Eug��ne, Gustave, Wassily, Edgar and Fernand. Other names inspired by politicians and academicians include Nicolas, Louis, Pierre, Samuel and Blaise.

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