What Are Some Common Five-Letter Words?


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Some commonly used five-letter words are "about," "after," "never," "order" and "other." A few other common five-letter words are "night," "music," "paper," "stand" and "start."

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Some five letter words are nouns, including the words "night," "music," and "paper." The word "night" originates from Old English. It is defined as "the period of darkness between sunset and sunrise," as well as "a condition or time of obscurity." The first definition is used in the following sentence: The dog went to sleep at night. The word "night" can also be used as an adjective if it is used to describe or relate to night time. An example sentence is: The night nurse started work at 10 p.m.

Other five-letter words are used as prepositions, such as the words "about" and "after." Prepositions are words used to identify location in time or place. The words "about" and "after" have no meaning on their own but help specify the meaning of other words. "About" is a preposition meaning "connected or associated with." The word "after" identifies that a certain event occurs following another event. An example sentence is: The children went home after the school bell rang. In this sentence, the first event, the children going home, occurs after the second event, the school bell ringing.

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