What Are Some Common First Names for Females in the United States?


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Each year, the Social Security administration tracks baby names, and for 2014, the most popular female names were Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Isabella and Ava. Results change each year based on current trends.

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The name Emma comes from the Old German word meaning "whole" or "universal." It has been a popular name since the 1800s.

Olivia is the feminine version of Oliver, which means "olive tree." This name first appeared in William Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night."

Sophia is derived from the Greek word for "wisdom." It was a popular name amongst European royalty in the Middle Ages.

Isabella is a variation of Isabel, which is a variation of Elizabeth. It comes from the Hebrew word for "devoted to God." It is a popular name for royalty, with England, France, Hungary and Portugal all having Isabellas in their royal courts.

The name Ava is a variation of the name Eve. Its origin is not officially known. Some say it comes from the Latin word "avis," which means "bird." Others argue that it is a shortened version of the Hebrew name Chava, meaning "life" or "living one." This name gained popularity in the United States with the appearance of the actress Ava Gardner.

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