What Are Some Common Farsi Phrases?


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Some common Farsi phrases include "salam," meaning "hello," and "shoma chetur hastin," meaning "how are you?". These two phrases are used when greeting a person. When parting, the phrases "khoda hafez" and "bedrooz" are common. Due to the Islamic history of the language, there are some common religious phrases such as "ensha Allah," which means "God willing."

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Other common Farsi phrases used to show politeness include "az molaghat e shoma khosh vaghtam" (pleased to meet you), "bebakhshid" (excuse me) and khosh amadid (welcome). There are several ways to say "thank you;" "mamnunam" is suitable for a formal situation, and "mersi" is used for an informal situation. For a very formal situation, "moteshakkeram" is a good choice. The Farsi equivalent for "bless you" is "a’afiat bashad."

During the holiday season, some of the commonly used expressions include "kerismas mobarak" (Merry Christmas), "sale no mobarak" (Happy New Year) or "eide pak mobarak" (Happy Easter). To wish someone a happy birthday, one can say "tavallodet mobarak" or "tabrik migoyam" to congratulate them.

Some common phrases from travelers in Farsi-speaking places include "aya shoma Engilisi harf mizanid?" (Do you speak English?), "gheymatesh chande?" (How much is this?) and "dashtshuee kojast?" (Where is the toilet?).

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